Product Description


Playing inflatable dart board will enhance your general math capacities, self-esteem, sense of pride, self-regard, status by the method for execution, nonverbal relational abilities, stress administration skills, social skills, unwinding, poise, experimentation skills, target self-basic investigation, and system considering. Furthermore, beneath is a portion of the 3 pleasures of inflatable dart board.

  • Super fun and safe this extraordinary target amusement is incredible for all the family members and is appropriate for use all around
  • Game highlights an inflatable dart board accompanied with Velcro patches and a circle to hang the board
  • The game is anything but not difficult to set up, just blow up the board and hang set up. You will have no difficulty while setting up this game, but just pleasurable moment
  • This extraordinarily reduced game can be emptied and pressed away, expanded the dartboard measures 9cmx54cm .This guarantees the safety of your pleasure no stress to press and pack it up


high-strength polymer composite PVC tarpaulin, aging test is passed, in accordance with international standard EN-71 fire retardant, ROH EU environmental standards and low toxicity, in line with national standards of world exports, by the Bureau of Quality Supervision, test results show that this material skin irritation, non-toxic to children no harm. This material is a professional inflatable cloth, cold is good, up to minus 40 degrees temperature; flame strong.


This product has a high abrasion resistance, tear, tensile, peel, good air tightness, good strength, durability and easy maintenance.


Distribution corresponding fan, glue and patching material.


You can use 8-100000 people around

Product Care

When using the product, be sure to avoid the branches, and other communications cable hook on the air sharp objects.

You need to move the product, please move to lift again. If the drag, a long time, easily frayed.

In the case of the opening ceremony, salute, fireworks are inseparable things. We have asked the relevant personnel, some more than 6 meters away from the gas-ignited before.

If dirty how to do?

If the surface dust, use a broom and other tools to beat clean.

If dirt, use a damp cloth to wipe clean.